Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More positive

I had a dream last night that profoundly misjudged the true state of the art, for in this dream, mainstream rappers were frequently discussing their bisexuality. The rap I heard was a rejection of that, and by making reference to a cavity search, brought in the frequent rap theme of law enforcement:

Only the D.A.
gets in my A,
I'm saving myself for him.

The local neurologist talked to me on the phone yesterday, saying that the latest results from IgeneX show me more positive for Lyme than I was before the Flagyl. This is consistent with the reading I've done, which says that after the drug has weakened the organisms, your body's immune system is able to manufacture more antibodies against them. (Thanks, Scott!) The antibodies are what the tests look for, so you test more seropositive. The doc was kind of stunned to hear me, a patient, say this. He thinks I'm smart, and I like showing off for him. On the 28th, I have an appointment with a doctor who's known for dealing with Lyme. I'm willing to go for a course of treatment, if he comes up with one. My local neurologist is intrigued by the Lyme hypothesis and is willing to "try all the antibiotics." Lacking any other hope, this is a good idea. The good news is that my liver panel following the Flagyl came back normal, except for my bilirubin being high as usual. I will also ask the Lyme doctor to recommend yet another lab which can do the Lyme tests on my blood, just so that we have a second data set.
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