Saturday, December 10, 2005

100-blog recon

Worst birthday ever? -- Today is not my daughter's birthday, it's her birthday party. The wife noted that every single year, either she, or my son has been sick with the flu on my daughter's birthday celebration. So this year, she moved it up to today. Last night in bed, my son vomited. That means that I am the only one who this month has not prayed at the porcelain shrine. The wife has been slaving over preparations for the party, and then last night she got to help him by cleaning up his bed, changing the bedclothes, and helping him wash in the bathroom. Then she changed the sheets on our bed, because at bedtime, he'd been making a point of lying in it and not getting out when asked. This morning the kids woke up (it's always a little too early) and began begging and harassing the wife as usual. The boy got on our bed and would not get off. Kids have an instinct for finding the thing you least want them to do. Experimentally, I tried yelling at him, and that didn't work. He got upset and became more determined. He held a sit-in in the bathroom, to prevent his sister from washing her hands. I yelled more. I'm done with the yelling for today. I am impressed that I can do it without laughing. Worst Birthday, Ever? Let's try!

I used the "Next Blog" button 100 times a week ago, and this is my report:

  1. Classical music blog

  2. Spanish language teenage peer group photos

  3. Scandinavian language toddler reports with photos

  4. French language video game screen shots

  5. Graphic arts student blog with images

  6. Spanish language photo blog

  7. Parent of introverted child wants to help others with same issue

  8. Pictures and thoughts from my county

  9. Asian-language technology blog (cybernetics?)

  10. Lonely, upbeat, fat guy

  11. Sports news and photos

  12. Reality TV roundup

  13. Visual arts and poetry

  14. Canadian blogger probably commercial

  15. Teenage boy musician wanna-bes

  16. Spanish-language porno portal

  17. Personal, game-oriented blog with annoying background music

  18. Visual arts impaired by HTML experimentation

  19. First test post

  20. Writer, photographer, artist

  21. Scandinavian-language blog with English name, title and profile, as very typical of many non-English blogs

  22. Spanish language teenage peer group photos

  23. Eclectic collection of popular culture images

  24. Political support for the Republicans through sarcasm

  25. Some thoughts I have

  26. French-language telethon

  27. Young man posts his photo and a reference to beer to start his blog

  28. Spanish-language listing of classes available

  29. Teenage girl's journal

  30. Spanish-language Latin culture

  31. Spanish-language philosophy and current events

  32. A couple of pictures of a lamp, and a Hindu god statue

  33. German-language rock and roll site

  34. R/C, PC Security, and anything else that interests me at the time

  35. I decided to start a blog to help me keep track of sites, music, and things in general

  36. Spanish-language images simulating goth girl bloody deaths

  37. This blog will support the upcoming event on the 8th of February that will link students and businesses from the Rotterdam Harbor together.

  38. This is a group assignment for our Computer Applications Course.

  39. Various musing and more distinct thoughts on technology, the market, politics and some of the really dumb things I see companies doing from time to time.

  40. Images of the state of a single building over the decades

  41. Shropshire Unison Labour Link

  42. Images of parachuting in Argentina

  43. A blog only for my lover

  44. Attacking Texas politician Lamar Smith

  45. Female college student makes fun of old guys looking for love and posts photos of events she's been to

  46. A family blog

  47. Spanish-language reactions to popular culture

  48. "Terribly Blunt, Borderline Bipolar, Bitter Sweet Bitch"

  49. I work from home and you know what? You can too!

  50. Spanish-language Catholic issues

  51. "Documenting Real Conspiracies," apparently a humor blog

  52. Student assignment blog

  53. Persian-language photo blog

  54. Slovak-language photo blog

  55. "A Picture Taking, Poker Playing, Redneck Computer Geek Tries to Say Something Interesting"

  56. Brazilian teenage photo blog featuring a smiling, dark-skinned youth in t-shirt with huge Nazi swastika

  57. Personal site with odds and ends for sale, possibly to prep content for eBay

  58. "Digital Card Catalogue of the Imaginary Census Bureau"

  59. Young woman's blog wandering through reasons to hate men, and various cartoons and pop culture images

  60. Blog of baby images and updates

  61. One picture of a salad, annotated in German

  62. First test post on a new blog

  63. "Beth's daily happenings, news, and photographs"

  64. Young Australian woman's European travel blog

  65. Test posts in a new Scandinavian-language blog

  66. "Christmas stealers are successful with some people by making them forget about God and focus more about gifts for people at Christmas"

  67. Group blog for a history class

  68. Scandinavian-language world events blog

  69. Spanish-language photo blog of a very small town that may be in South America or Iberia

  70. Portuguese-language blog about paranormal events

  71. Irreverent young woman writer compensates for loneliness with vulgarity

  72. "Graduate student in NC, figuring out what I want to do with my life, just taking it one step at a time."

  73. Porno portal using sexual fiction as a beard

  74. Spanish-language poetry/fiction blog

  75. Knitting blog

  76. Asian-language photo blog of being in America

  77. Personal blog of male college student in India

  78. A mom's photo blog

  79. College student in Zimbabwe twitches to popular culture

  80. French-language family blog's first test post

  81. French-language radio station blog

  82. Young Australian woman's European travel blog (the same)

  83. "The Narcotic Tax Stamp Research Project is a real-time online study group working to expand the available knowledge base for this philatelic specialty."

  84. French-language photo blog of Tunisia

  85. First test post

  86. "I'm a 40-something happy homemaker and a Christian who loves home and hearth and most things old-fashioned."

  87. Sci-fi fan fiction archive

  88. English-language blog of Polish guy

  89. Spanish-language blog on political thought

  90. Young Irish guy's personal blog

  91. French guy interested in seafood blogs in French from America

  92. "G-town info brought to you by the G-town love crew!"

  93. Family photo blog

  94. Spanish-language friends' blog with English-language song lyrics

  95. Former Marine, full time student, part time Dad, Ex-Husband, Ex-Fiancee.

  96. This blogger digs God

  97. Spanish/English mystical blog

  98. A homemaker loves God

  99. "Bringing you the latest News Views and Snooker/Pool Gadget"

  100. Portuguese-language quippy blog.

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