Friday, December 23, 2005

Dorman again

He's coming back from Iraq now, but he's still saying that Islam is a big turd, and still ducking my question of If so, then what do you suggest we do about it?

And he's still writing about how the rest of us think like sheep, and we ought to just open our eyes and admit that Dorman's truth is more powerful than the propaganda we've been fed.

And he still lacks intellectual rigor. So I fed him back one of his latest quotes and opened up a can on him:

> if the ORIGINATOR did the same deeds and encouraged his followers to do them too, then THAT is the true islam and anything different is distortion.

The true pizza is a brittle, wafer-thin crust with just tomato on it. That cheesy, pepperoni-and-olive thing you eat is a distortion. Capiche? The fact that millions and millions of people mean modern pizza when they say 'pizza' has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! STOP HIDING IN YOUR CAVE! WE HAVE TO CONFRONT PIZZA FOR WHAT IT IS, NOT WHAT DOMINO'S SAYS IT IS!

Sorry to up a can of irony on ya, Dorman, but since to date you seem impervious to any outside thought, I wondered if irony might get through.

As always, there is profound wisdom to what I say here. I'm pointing out that your argumentation is laughably weak. Even if you were right, your rhetoric is feeble. That's because things transform and change over time. Look at the US Constitution. Look at 'rock-and-roll.' Look at Anna Nicole's chest. Sorry to be the one to say it, but:


It's embarrassing to see you make these kind of mistakes. Like I said, you're lost in the funhouse of your own words. You've painted yourself into a corner. I provide a bridge for you: Come out.

What am I trying to say? That Islam is wonderful? No, I'm no fan of religions. What I am trying to say is that, in terms of strategy, you are playing directly into the hopes and dreams of al Qaeda when you vilify Islam. They'd like to see more soldier bloggers do it.

Just imagine the reception you'd get in the US Bible Belt if you went around spouting that Christ was evil, and so is his entire religion. Same deal with Islam.

I think my stars that you are not secretary of state or president.

Let's assume that we grant, for the purposes of debate, your claim that Islam is "obviously dangerous."

If so, then what action should we take?

You've been ignoring this question like a coward for a while now Dorman, and I know you're no coward.

Keep in mind, this is a guy who has access to weapons, and knows how to use them. I thank Allah that Dorman is in Germany!
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