Monday, December 05, 2005

Dorman's thesis

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Dorman is at it again, trying (I think) to prove that Islam is evil and should be crushed. He's on active duty in Iraq. I replied to his Dec. 4 post:

> I can't remember hearing the term 'movement' associated with insurgents; implies too much organization and purpose.

They have plenty of both. Have you seen the movie "The Battle of Algiers?" It's like a primer on insurgency against occupation. The organization and purpose are deep, but not hard to set up.

>What is the purpose of the insurgents? To disrupt? That is not a purpose. If it were a legitimate purpose then the insurgents would have been disrupting Hussein's secular government, also. They weren't.

Saddam was better at maintaining a murderous terror state than we ever could be. Plus, he was from Iraq and grew his power base there over the years. We just arrived. Any insurgency has a much better chance against us than against him. Attempts to fight Saddam were strangled at the cervix.

> Are these insurgents nothing more than disgruntled citizens showing their displeasure in copycat fashion?

No, many act out of sincere conviction, but most do so because if they don't help the insurgency, then THEY are terrorized and killed, along with their families.

> The level of insurgency here is amateurish in comparison to any other.

Amateurs or not, they are achieving their objectives and we ain't.

> Guerillas, insurgencies, rebellions, conventional military operations all need a unifying ideology through which to communicate and base mission goals.

Hardly. Fear for your life and the lives of your children is enough. And look at you, Dorman, over there serving in a war and doing your duty when you obviously think for yourself. Most people in the US no longer agree with Bush's handling of the war, we're not "unified," but the government is unhindered.

> ...the President responded by reassuring the American people and the world that this is not a war on Islam. But it is.

Oh, I agree that it is. But that doesn't make it right. Islam is not terrorism. We ought to use our resources to defeat terrorism. But we don't. You are there in Iraq, of all places. Better he should have invaded Mexico. La cerveza es mejor.

> Why so much attention to something that is not the poblem?

Well, in this case, you're saying that it is. So some of us commented on that.

> They proclaim after every act that they did it in the name of Islam for Islam.

Jim Jones did what he did for Christ. So he said. Does that make it true?

> Obviously the insurgents desire some result from their actions.

They want power, to become the new Saddams.

> It is my summation that the insurgents want to install a sovereign islamic government, autonomous and self-derived.

Quite likely. But also allowing murder and torture and plunder.

> This language and conceptual set is as foreign to them as is being shown the bottom a sandal would be insulting to us. And they don't trust us because of Israel.


> The reason we as a nation cannot admit that it is a war against Islam is simple.

I admit it. But I don't want it. I want us to defeat terrorism.

> ... Al-Qaida in Iraq is not a terrorist group, it is a guerilla movement.

Agreed. It's both, but agreed.

> How popluar would Star Wars be if Luke was referred to as the Terrorist Mastermind....leader of the Insurgency?

Well but we don't see Luke blowing up marketplaces or crowds of children.

> I do not find anything honorable in the insurgency, not in Iraq or Afghanistan.


...Dorman, I read your whole post and you never made an argument for your case, which I think, from your previous posts, is that Islam is evil and must be crushed. Your mind is lost in the wilderness of your words.
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