Sunday, December 25, 2005


So I got this coffee grinder, to grind my pills, which were getting harder and harder to swallow. The idea is to mix the resultant powder with apple sauce or yogurt.

The biggest pill is the probiotic. I thought, Oh heck, just toss that one in the grinder and mix all the powder in water.

That was kind of bitter and pungent. Imagine powdering up some hay from a horse's stall, and drinking that.

Then last night I tossed in the vitamin C, which is very acidic. If you bite it, or let it dissolve in your mouth, it's piercing, with a major pucker factor. And I thought, Oh what the heck, add in these caplets too, including the fish oil. How bad can it be? The yogurt will cover the flavor, and you can just gulp it down quickly.

I Will Never Do That Again. The fish oil stunk up several rooms in the house. The piercing, shrieking power of the vitamin C opened up all my taste buds and sinuses, and the sickening fish oil rushed in to stink up the place. My lip is curled as I write this.

I imagine that most people would have poured the concoction down the sink after the first sip. But I'm such a cheapskate, or maybe I have so much discipline, that I gagged my way through the whole thing.

Next time I'll just grind the important pills, not the vitamin C or probiotic. And the fish oil, well, that's going to stay on the shelf for a while.
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