Friday, December 02, 2005


Last night while we were at a friend's home for a dinner meeting, my lovely wife threw up in the bathroom. It hit her quickly. It was only on the drive over there that she noticed her stomach roiling. I drove us back. She hurled into a bowl in the car a couple of times on the drive homeward. Then, after we got home and tucked the kids in bed, she hurled again. Then my daughter, who had been fine all day after tossing Wednesday night, again threw up. My lovely wife took care of her.

I slept downstairs, away from the lovable, germy ones.

Yesterday I went to my son's kindergarten to help the kids with chess during elective time. Eight kids played, and they were ideal, respectful of the equipment, and each other. Since several kids were already familiar with chess, and helped the others, I didn't have to answer a single question. I interfered only a couple of times when pawns went backward or sideways.
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