Thursday, January 05, 2006


The greatest physical affliction I have ever faced is not ALS, it's constipation. A couple of days ago I went through a bout so extreme that it's hard to qualify. It was disgusting and painful and pitiable -- but I'll spare you the details. The Namenda I take to control involuntary laughing causes constipation. I have been trying to head that off with Citrucel every day and mineral oil every other day. But I stupidly took a break from the Citrucel for illogical reasons. In the most recent agon, in which I had to go to the doctor for help, I learned of three helpful resources:

Fleet brand prepared enema solutions
Milk of Magnesia
Dulcolax suppositories

I now have a new policy. If I go three days without a poop, I'll take a laxative.
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