Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ALS clinic visit

My sexy wife and I went to the ALS clinic Monday and my forced vital capacity (blow into this tube) was 84 percent of the value expected for someone my height, weight and age. I had someone else measure me. The score is 'up' 10 percent from the last time I was tested by the guy who always yells "Go! go! go!" and won't quit it even if you ask him, but gets emotionally wounded instead.

I weighed in at 131.7 pounds, up 1.2 from the last visit. The doctor who consulted with us was very clear in his opinion that the rules of thumb they use for when to get a feeding tube are just that, arbitrary and with no science behind them. The increased weight and the 'improved' breathing forfend the feeding tube for the nonce.

And we got to see the cute lady doctor in a skirt and boots, which was nice.

My speech rate was down to 158, as compared with several other prior scores around 190.

My suck score (MIP) was 72, as compared to prior scores of over 120. My peak cough flow rate was 510 as compared to previous scores of 600.

The speech therapist said I should ask my dentist for a referral to a dentist who makes prothetics, so that I can get a 'palatal lift' made that will improve the quality of my speech.

The doc also said that the ALS research software he has access to is called "ALS Care."

We also ordered the "ATM" wheelchair. Thanks, Jerry.
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