Friday, January 06, 2006

Democrat idiots on the loose again

Women on American soil are forced to choose abortions or else lose their jobs. They are recruited in China, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and sign contracts in which they agree not to join a labor union, ask for a raise, practice religion, or have children. Then they arrive at Saipan, a US Pacific territory. This territory is governed by US law, but has important exemptions from US labor laws. Labor unions are illegal. The men and women workers live in company camps and are trucked to factories surrounded by barbed wire. If a woman gets pregnant, she will lose her job if she doesn't abort. Almost no children are born to these thousands of young laborers. In my opinion, it's a Communist system of indentured servitude tolerated on American soil, through the magic of voluntary contractual behavior within the free market system.

The products that come out are labeled 'Made in the USA.'

The liberal Democrat Party attack dogs have currently sunk their fangs into the ankle of Tom DeLay, who shot down a bill to extend the protection of U.S. labor and minimum-wage laws to the workers in the U.S. territory of which Saipan is a part.

They're also persecuting Jack Abramoff, who arranged junkets for Congressmen, including DeLay, to Saipan. And they're going after Michael Scanlon too, just because he worked for DeLay, and the Democrat Party people want to score political points.

Isn't it time we broke the grip of power that the hypocrite Democrat Party has over our nation, and rebuild a standard of moral decency?

Today I won the messiest desk award! Not sure whether to cheer or cry.

Wondering why Abramoff looked so fashion-impaired at his court appearances? It was prudent psyops. He usually is a snazzy dresser with a good presentation. After all this, he will be, once again. But he messed with his appearance on the court days so that no one would feel they nailed him. The usual him -- the one you expected -- did not show up.
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