Monday, January 23, 2006

Eight Air Force

For over a year I have been battling the Evil One, as you may know from reading this blog. I recently changed my regimen and have been experiencing some success. Instead of taking mineral oil every other day as I had been doing, I am now taking it every day. This is in addition to the nightly Citrucel powder (only one dose). I also resumed taking the probiotic every day. I had allowed that to slip during the Flagyl episode.

Things used to be so dramatic that after a low-level munitions dump in the porcelain pilot's seat I would announce (to myself) "Dresden lies in flames!" It wasn't long before I started saying this to my charitable wife. Yes, we're still married. The Dresden bit was a WWII reference. Over time I elaborated on this coded message. Now I say things like, "In a daring daylight raid, major elements of the Eighth Army Air Force engaged and destroyed the industrial and marshaling target of Dresden, Germany."

She'll say something like "That's nice, Honey. I'm glad the mineral oil is helping."

Me too.

I made an appointment with my GP to ask him about the port that Dr. Quack wants me to get. I'll try to have the GP schedule it because both Dr. Quack and my cool local neurologist are on vacation right now.

Left grip is 21 pounds (20, 19, 21), right grip is 66 pounds (66, 62, 65).

Molly Ivins is a hep cat who makes a good point. But after reminding you of the old joke...

Q: What's the difference between liberals and cannibals?
A: Cannibals don't eat their own young.

I'll just say that, while I do not expect to see Hillary as the nominee, she would be a whole heck of a lot better in the White House than George Bush. So don't let your "She's not perfect!" reaction sabotage her, and the Dems in general, in 2008.
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