Friday, January 27, 2006

Half nekkid at last

Yes, I know that today is Friday.

I could have sworn that around the time I was diagnosed, I had my superb wife take a photo of me flexing for the camera, with my shirt off. I had her take another of me on January 20, for comparison. Now, I cannot find that first photo. It's gone. Darn!

Anyway, if I look emaciated to you, well that's just the way I was built. The reason the left arm is held lower than the right is muscle weakness. You can also see the difference in size between the left and right biceps.

The reason for the great big red stars over my nipples is because many of you want to sexualize me, or already do, and I don't want to throw gasoline on your fire. This photo is posted purely for medical reasons, not to satisfy your lust.

Left grip is 20 pounds (17, 15, 20), right grip is 66 pounds (62, 66, 65).
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