Sunday, January 29, 2006

Minimize extraneous vectors

Walking is getting to be more of a challenge. It feels like it might be at a critical threshold, but then, how would I know? I coach myself:

  1. Stay over your feet

  2. Minimize extraneous vectors

We hired a contractor to finish up the seismic sheer walls in the garage, and one to move the laundry facilities out of the laundry room and into the garage. The completion of that work should allow us to put some storage racks in the garage, move our junk out of the laundry room, and turn the former laundry room into a 'project room.'

Also, we can ask the nice lady at the ALS clinic to order that wheelchair for me that they said they could provide free of charge, thanks to Jerry Lewis and the MDA. We'll store it in the project room.

The addition is creeping slowly towards project start. But we don't even have a quote yet.

My hope is to get the port in and start Lyme antibiotics while I can still walk. The main thing is to avoid falls. I used my cane on an outing the other day. And I introduced the kids to the idea of me using the cane, last night when I drove to pick up some burritos for our dinner. They were fine with it.

I just need to be careful, and avoid falls.
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