Monday, January 30, 2006


I like to think that this is a 'clean' blog. Using cuss words is not my style, verbally, and apparently not in writing, either. And I don't post about sex, not like some people.

And you, my readers, are used to that. However, a few months ago I posted about my lactose intolerance and how that led to 10 years of Kafkaesque suffering in my childhood. And you tolerated that.

I have another story, not involving suffering like that first one. This story is sexual. It's not the type of thing that brainhell usually writes about.

So I ask you, readers, should I post it? I promise to go back to being the normal brainhell afterwards.

Should brainhell blog about his sexuality?
I'd rather take an ice pick in the eye.
Honey, let me tell you: Sex just isn't that important.
Oh, I bet he'll find a way to blame this on George Bush too.
Go ahead, I'm leaving for Mars anyway.
Our third grade class is following your blog on a daily basis. You're the last 'clean' place on the web. Please, no!
Sure, go ahead and make up some stuff, just like you made up this whole 'ALS' thing.
You'll only be helping Osama if you do it. Shall I send you the dictionary definition of 'traitor?'
Wait! I'm not sure vomiting will cure my constipation.


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