Saturday, February 25, 2006

He doesn't have to

As a small kid, I didn't do many chores, but in one epoch, I was helping my mother clean. I was cleaning the bathroom sink in the bathroom of of the bedroom she shared with my father. There was a small pile of little black flecks in the sink. I asked what they were, and she said they were my father's whiskers. I recall seeing him tap his shaver in the sink to clean it. Each of the next few times I helped her clean, I had to rinse away the whiskers. "Why doesn't he just wash them down the sink?" I asked. She paused only briefly. "I guess he feels he doesn't need to." Most things mystified me as a kid and so did this response. It was only years later that I realized his habit annoyed her.

Ted Rall's cartoons are often very funny, and often deeply distrustful of the powers that be. The one I saw today alleges that there's no proof a a revolt by Flight 93 passengers. I try to keep Ted Rall honest, just like I do for the crowd at Hooah Wife. So today I sent him this email:

But Jackson, I read the entire 9/11 Comission Report and I don't recall it saying there's no proof of a passenger revolt, or a lack of evidence passengers entered the cockpit. Did YOU read it? How do you source this cartoon? I think that the families got to hear the cockpit tape, which includes sounds of passenger voices in the cockpit.

Yes, it could all be a vast fiction. But that's hard work.

Sometimes he replies to my emails. Let's see if he does this time.

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