Sunday, February 05, 2006


Jansenist called me yesterday afternoon. Everything went well with his spinal tap. He doesn't have ALS, he just wants to help the researchers with their quest to find biochemical markers that may enable quicker ALS diagnosis. What a guy. To do this, he took time off work, rented a car, paid for gas, and drove over four hours each way. He donated $45 of his $50 participant reward back to the study, keeping $5 to pay for parking.

He said it went very smoothly, with very little discomfort, and no headache. He got up and left the clinic in less than half an hour after the puncture. "You know I like to tease you, Jansenist," I said, "but right now I just want to honestly say it: Thank you."

He's willing to go back for a follow-up visit in six months, at which time they'll probably want another sample. "I had a great time," he said.

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