Monday, February 20, 2006

Mr. Safety

One of the topics I meant to blog about concerns my practices intended to enhance information security. I sometimes jokingly refer to myself as Mr. Safety, especially to those people who find my precautions annoying. Here's one that didn't inconvenience anyone, that I had planned to blog about: In my cell phone, I stored everyone by last name only, in order to protect the women in case my cell phone was ever stolen. I didn't want some thug going through my cell directory for names like "Crystal" and "Laura, " and calling them up pretending to be from the electric company to find out their address, then rob or assault them. Honestly, that's how paranoid I am. I was going to blog about that, and apologize for being so paranoid. And then I lost my cell phone in the mall. I suspect that whoever picked it up threw out the chip and sold the phone. But if they had looked t the address book, all they got was last names. Yay me!

Left grip is 23 pounds (20, 23, 21), right grip is 65 pounds (60, 65, 61).

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