Friday, February 17, 2006

Port date

I am scheduled to have the "port" for the IV antibiotics put in on March 2. It's an outpatient procedure (they send you home afterwards) but it does involve general anesthesia for about 40 minutes. The bad part is that I'll have to abstain from all food and water from midnight the night before, until after the procedure is done at about 3 PM. I have a high metabolism and get very hungry very quickly. We plan to hydrate me and pour lots of those Benecalorie meals into me the night before the surgery. Hopefully that will tide me over.

I am also supposed to have a general physical from my GP the week before. And I am supposed to go to the "pre-op testing" department at the hospital on February 27.

The people at the vascular surgeon's office tell me that I am allowed to eat pretty much immediately after the procedure, so I'll have my heroic wife bring me some Ensure and Boost. (I guarantee under the terms of NEC that I am not being compensated for these product mentions).

Left grip is 29 pounds (24.8, 29, 24), right grip is 72 pounds (72, 69, 64).

I was very pleased by the 24.8, and surprised by the 29. But the 29 was genuine, and not a measurement error.

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