Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Vascular surgeon consultation

To be treated for Lyme disease on an ongoing basis as Dr. Quack intends will require a "port" -- a little piece of hardware installed on your skin that allows drugs to be infused into your veins.

On Monday I went and saw a vascular surgeon who can do the installation. You get put under for about 40 minutes while they do it. He says he can do it with about a week and a half's notice. He says the operation is best done on a Wednesday or Thursday. This fits my schedule.

He would install a "Sims Deltech Porta-Cath." Dr. Quack wanted a "Mediport." I'm checking with him to see if the Porta-Cath is OK.

Sunday afternoon I noticed myself putting the trash bins back in their usual places after collection, and then ambitiously picking up a 12-foot length of pipe, and later a six-foot piece of 2-by-6, sliding these through the gap in the project room window, then stowing them in the garage. And then I put the laundry from the washer into the dryer. It seemed to me as though I was feeling energetic, at least based on the work output. Also, I had a slight sense that I was incrimentally more stable and coordinated than usual. This feeling was so subjective that I almost didn't mention it here. But the feeling of a slight increase in energy and stability persisted yesterday as well, despite how feeble and staggering my walking is.

It's possible that this is the effect of the twice-daily oral minocycline. It's possible that it's just a minor fluctuation due to other factors -- though it's the first time I've felt this way. It's also likely to be purely psychological. Who knows.

Left grip is 22 pounds (18, 22, 21), right grip is 70 pounds (67, 70, 66).
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