Sunday, February 26, 2006

Will in the World

I recently finished reading Will in the World, by Greenblatt, given to me by my wonderful wife. It's pretty good, and worth reading. The author mentions only briefly that some people think someone else must have written Shakespeare's works, but aside from that comment, the whole of the book assumes that Shakespeare was his own writer. I have in the past found the arguments of the Shakespeare doubters compelling, and may again in the future, but it was worthwhile to read a book predicated on Shakespeare being a genuine genius. It's not impossible, by any means. Greenblatt works over every single surviving piece of evidence about the mysterious playwright, I think, and builds an interesting portrait of a life. I like that Shakespeare was apparently moneywise, and not prone to indulge in bouts of drinking. If he had been a drinker, we might not have seen any of his plays.

Left grip is 26 pounds (25, 24, 26), right grip is 73 pounds (73, 70, 67).
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