Sunday, March 12, 2006

Blog header

OK, so nobody seemed to notice when I cleverly changed my blog motto to "What if they discovered a disease and nobody wanted it?" I was looking forward to generously explaining that it's an ironic riff on the Vietnam-era quip "What if they held a war and nobody came?"

The concept was supposed to be that there would be no war. The joke here was supposed to be that people don't get to choose what disease they'll get.


But nobody asked. So then I was jumping around on the blogosphere and I kept noticing people who put biblical quotations in their blog header or profile. This annoyed me because it seemed sanctimonious and pointless -- I mean, who was going to look up these passages? It seemed like mere display, a way of branding yourself.

So then I read "Misquoting Jesus," which highlighted some passages that appear to contradict each other. Like, some say that Jesus was crucified the day before passover, while others say it was the day after. Like that.

Mark 14:12; 15:25 & John 19:14
Luke 2:39 & Matt. 2:19-22
Gal. 1:16-17 & Acts 9:26

I cited those passages in my blog header, expecting no one to ask, just as no one asked about the blog motto "What if they discovered a disease and nobody wanted it?" But several people did ask. Yet (I think) no one looked up the passages, though one guy tried (I think).

It's not meant to imply that the Bible is all a lie. The point of the book "Misquoting Jesus" (I think) is that there is plenty of human intervention in the text.

Left grip is 25 pounds (25, 25, 25), right grip is 71 pounds (70, 71, 68), inhale volume is 3500 mL. I can't explain the continued poor results. I skipped a dose of ceftriaxone the day before the slump began (I ran out), but it's hard to reasonably imagine how that would have such a rapid impact.
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