Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cold foot

Yesterday I saw the nurse practitioner at my GP's office regarding the swelling on my left shin. She noticed that my left foot was much colder than my right. Once she mentioned it, I verified it. She said the pulse was strong in the left foot, which tends to rule of circulatory problems. She didn't think it required a biopsy (I asked). She's hoping that it's just a bug bite or some random thing. But if were a bug bite, I would expect the swelling all around the bite, not above it. The only mark we see is below the swelling. Given that I'm on a daily two grams of IV ceftriaxone, she said we can be sure it's not an infection.

Riverbend's blog is worth looking at today, for a depiction of what it's like for civilians trying to live through a war.
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