Saturday, March 04, 2006

First home infusion

The visiting nurse arrived last night after the kids were in bed and showed us how to do a home infusion. By the end of her visit I had learned, or thought I had, that vicodin has a toxic backlash. The bottle says you can take two every three hours. But I was taking only one every three hours, with one or two exceptions. Maybe it was accumulated stress, or the home-invasion nature of the nurse visit, but by the time we were done with the infusion I felt a tad like vomiting. My beautiful wife says I was pale. I lay down and felt better. It's a good thing that the pain from the wound is almost completely gone, because I took my last vicodin at about 6 PM last night. I don't like them. Maybe the drug is designed that way, so you don't get addicted. I don't know. I hope it wasn't a reaction to the ceftriaxone. This time it comes in self-contained packages of powder and fluid that you crack and then mix up. No refrigeration required, thankfully. My current dose is two grams per day. It drips into me from an IV bag rather than being pushed in by a syringe.

I have to keep the wound dry for three days on doctor's orders. So I'm going without showers. Today will be day two. It's a good thing that I smell nice (the ladies have all said so), and have a very low B.O. factor. I personally will be very grateful on the morning of the fourth day, but it's not like Hans Blix will be looking to indict me.

Right grip is 69 pounds (69, 66, 66). Still babying the right so as not to pain the left.
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