Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I wanna be an adulterer

When I was five I told my parents I wanted to be a farmer. I tried to draw a picture of a farmer on a tractor.

When I was oh maybe nine-ish, my father and I were talking and I said I wanted to be an adulterer when I grew up. He thought that was hilarious. He called my mom in to listen to this. He had innumerable jests and quips at my expense, always just beyond my linguistic reach and comprehension. My father's extended levity was starting to annoy me. I had read a reference to adultery in a book, and just guessed at what it meant, without looking it up in a dictionary. The meaning seemed so obvious to me, given the root. Finally, my chuckling father asked me if I knew what it meant.

"Yeah. It's when you kill your parents. Right?"

After that there were no more chuckles or quips on the topic. He didn't say anything, in fact.
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