Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Let it be known

Let it be known, here's what I do, in terms of household and kid duties: The dishes. My admirable wife does everything else. Sure, once in a while I dabble in laundry, or tiny household projects, or order some groceries delivered, but she does everything, including make breakfast. That used to be my role, but several months ago I began getting up later and taking longer to shower and get dressed. She stepped in.

Dr. Quack's staff say that I can reduce or eliminate the Ursodiol, but that I must reduce my dietary fat intake as much as possible. That's pretty ironic for someone as thin as I am, who needs to maintain his weight. So I'll just wing it as adroitly as I can.

Consistent with the don't-look-back approach of the administration, Bush said Tuesday:

"Their stated objective is to turn Iraq into a safe haven from which they can launch attacks."

But I can't help wondering, and I ask you: How much chance did they have of achieving that objective before we invaded?

The people who live in fantasyland are currently hoping and dreaming that the documents recently released which depict Saddam's regime pondering the possibility of Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq means that Iraq was just inches away from being governed by Al Qaeda. They think this would justify the invasion. The administration is appropriately vague about the documents, hoping to fuel this very fantasy. Fact is, Saddam hated Al Qaeda (He didn't like competition) and was a highly effective brutal dictator. Al Qaeda didn't stand a chance in Saddam's Iraq. Now it has a GREAT chance. No, Homer, that doesn't mean I prefer Saddam, it means I don't prefer the increase in terrorist danger the administration has nurtured.
SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea has no people with physical disabilities because they are killed almost as soon as they are born, a physician who defected from the communist state said on Wednesday.

It's probably true, but this kind of story indicates to me that we may imminently invade North Korea. Recall the babies removed-from-incubators lie before Desert Storm. I think the invasion of Kuwait was sufficient justification for military action in that case, but many Americans need to hear that babies are at stake before they're willing to kill.

Left grip is 28 pounds (23, 28, 26), right grip is 67 pounds (64, 67, 65), inhale volume is 3250 mL.
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