Monday, March 20, 2006

My enemy

I vanquished the Evil One yesterday at 5:45 PM, after only 48 hours of misery, one dose of milk of magnesia, two double doses of mineral oil, two laxatives, two cups of laxative tea, one suppository, and one enema. It was still a difficult event.

I am so tired of this syndrome. It wracks the already addled muscles in my body. I have decided to stop taking the Ursodiol until I talk with Dr. Quack about it, and cut back the Namenda to Tuesday and Friday only. An increase in crazy laughing would be preferable to running the constant risk of constipation.

Left grip is 28 pounds (26, 25, 28), right grip is 70 pounds (66, 70, 69), inhale volume is 3250 mL.

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