Monday, March 06, 2006

Namenda note

I was taking the Namenda every other night for over a week with no dramatic increase in incidents or severity of inappropriate laughing. But I did notice a minor increase in laughing. So maybe I'll take two days of Namenda and skip one. Namenda has a constipating effect, and skipping sometimes is part of my plan to keep the Evil One at bay.

During the period since January 19 in which my grip strength trended upward, I continued to feel unsteady on my feet, and despite occasional good days, I sometimes wondered if I were getting more unsteady. I reminded myself to stay over my feet, do only one thing at a time, and don't get overconfident.

This morning, with the help of a plastic bag and some duct tape (to keep the port dry), I took a shower!

I was confused, and checked with the vascular surgeon's office this morning: The line from the port goes into a vein, not an artery.

Two night ago I accidentally wasted one of the ceftriaxone doses by letting it drip out of a tube that is shipped in the open position rather than closed. It makes sense, because they don't want the plastic to fuse together. I won't make that mistake again.

I spoke to the assistant in Dr. Quack's office, who said that they've told the home nursing company to provide me 60 days of ceftriaxone, and that the nursing company will continue to supply me with the drug without any further action on my part or on the part of Dr. Quack.

Left grip is 27 pounds (26, 27, 26), right grip is 75 pounds (69, 75, 74). Not babying the left anymore.
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