Friday, March 10, 2006

New plan: I'm gonna live!

Shortly before the port installation surgery, I bought a couple of more compact fluorescent light bulbs at the hardware store. The ones we have already have lasted years, and saved us lots on our energy bill, but one did fail much earlier than I thought it should. So when I bought these latest two, I checked the warranty: four years.

I carefully filed the receipt and the UPCs, and wrote the warranty expiration date on the bulbs. It's in 2010. My new plan, based on the improvement in grip strength in reaction to the minocycline, is to be alive and kicking in 2010.

That is, unless I am killed by an ambulance carrying Michael Jackson.

Dr. Quack prescribed ursodiol (brand name Actigall) for me, to prevent formation of gallstones that long-term use of ceftriaxone may cause. I read the drug warnings and will probably start taking it tomorrow morning with breakfast (since the pharmacist said to take it with food). It may cause diarrhea, and since the Namenda causes constipation, it would be nice if the two would balance out. Probably, though, they work out on you in alternation.

Left grip is 23 pounds (23, 18, 20), right grip is 75 pounds (72, 75, 70), inhale volume is 3700 mL. Definitely a down day on the left. I'd like to blame it on my loss of blood last night when the nurses changed the needle, but it was only a small amount, and the right grip is maintaining. I will blame it, instead, on the new needle, even through it does not hurt.
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