Friday, March 17, 2006


Some of you are in same-sex relationships, so the second poll may not apply to you. But go ahead and answer the first one (and the second one, if you can).

You are...
Anatomically female
Anatomically male
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Answer this one from the perspective that you are lying on your back. Left and right are defined as whatever is in the direction of your left arm and right arm, respectively:

In your male-female bed, the female sleeps on the...
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I'm pleased to say that when the new needle went in yesterday, I thought it was going to be really aggravating, because the whole area felt tender -- and yet it was as mild as a flu shot. Just one tiny prick.

Left grip is 28 pounds (27, 27, 28), right grip is 75 pounds (75, 75, 73), inhale volume is 3490 mL.

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