Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Port update

I stupidly set the reminder for the pre-op meeting for my port installation surgery to PM rather than AM, so I failed to show up at the meeting. However, the nice lady at the vascular surgeon's office already talked to the hospital and made an arrangement whereby I can do the pre-op meeting the day of the surgery tomorrow.

I was mistaken about some of the details of the port. The home health care people say that the plastic nubbin goes under the skin, and a needle is poked through the skin once a week and left there all week. Then, I pump the drugs in through the port daily.

I was looking forward to having no more needle pricks, but alas it is not to be. I also think that it will be somewhat of a hassle to have an IV needle and dressing, plus tubing, hanging on my chest.

But oh well.

The insurance lady (Betty) at the home health care place said that they are not a network provider of my insurance company, but that they will pay the cost differential involved, and send me a letter saying so.

So we are on track for the port install. I do have a slight fear that I will never wake up from the anesthesia, but I know that's highly unlikely. Still, if my blog isn't updated for a week, you'll know I'm dead. I've said this before to my strong wife, but I want her and our kids to know that I feel happy and have no regrets. I feel that my life has been wonderful, especially because of the miracles of my darling wife and our children.

Left grip is 27 pounds (23, 25, 27), right grip is 78 pounds (69, 78, 75).
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