Sunday, March 19, 2006


I took the wheelchair for a spin recently on a walk with my athletic wife to the video store. She walks faster than anyone I know -- including me, when I was healthy. And I used to be the fastest walker I knew ... before I met her. So she easily kept pace with it at its top speed.

I drove it out through the garage door. We keep the chair under the house in what is now the 'project room' (formerly the laundry room, until we had the laundry facilities moved into the garage.)

Two cables must be connected to power the thing. I leave them both disconnected, and charge the battery. My clever son is able to open the door leading down to the project room. He's very curious about machinery, and will no doubt try to figure out the chair. But I think the disconnected cables will baffle him. If not, I'll have to put a Kryptonite lock on the chair.

Yesterday, I took it to to the park with him and his aunt. I expected him to try to grab the controls, or ask a thousand questions about how it works. So I made him promise not to do either. He kept his promise. He was very well behaved.

Constipated today. I think it's the darn Namenda plus the new Ursodiol. I plan to stop taking both. It could be the ceftriaxone, but I've gone through two weeks of it so far, and I don't think that's it.
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