Monday, April 24, 2006


Blogger was on the fritz most of the morning, hence the delay in this post.

I know when to fight, but I also know when to cave -- which is to say when I want to cave. My Canon PS A520 seemed like a very nice camera until it's flash stopped working synchronously with the 'shutter.' This was only about six months after I bought it. I did a little research online and it did not seem that this was a widespread defect. So I dug out the warranty card I had carefully saved, which said that warranty service would be denied unless the warranty card and origiinal receipt were presented. The cheating goons! They know that almost no one saves the receipt, and they figure that will save them money on repairs and replacement.

I decided to buy a camera of a different brand. But this resolve slowly faded as I realized that the memory stick and batteries for another brand would likely be different from the ones I had already paid for.

I decided to buy the same camera again, use the big memory stick and the battery system, and ... cave. As always, I have a passive-agressive plan for revenge. I'll use the reciept from the new camera, and send in the old camera for reapirs. They might fix it, or they might spend a few staff minutes rejecting my claim. Either way, I win.

I think.

It arrived on Thursday, and the first picture I took with it was a shot of my ear, which I sent to Femi-Mommy.
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