Saturday, April 01, 2006

Gutter time

I went to the paleodentist1 Friday, and after I got out of the car I had to negotiate a curb. I got the cane and both feet up on the sidewalk but then started tipping back. I fell backward, managing to get my right foot behind me, then fell on my keister, with my head going straight out toward traffic as a car went by. As soon as I hit, I twisted my head and torso towards the gutter. Safe, and as I later discovered, unhurt except for a reminder on my left butt. I crawled up onto the sidewalk. The heck with standing. I knelt there with my cane, in the middle of the sidewalk. I'm too weak to stand on my own, even with a cane, certainly after a fall. I contemplated crawling toward the gate posts. I looked up, thinking about asking a pedestrian for help, just as a grown man walked past me. There are some people who just don't help other people. A young man accompanied by a young woman did help me stand up. The paleodentist put his finger in the back of my mouth and I didn't gag. He said that their office will try to work out the insurance coverage, then take an impression and make a palatal lift for me that will help improve my speech and swallowing.

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