Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hermetic ideologies

Yesterday my beautiful wife and I went to the ALS clinic. They have a sexy lady doctor there who certainly gets my attention. My stunning wife is the more desirable, but this doctor is also very easy on the eyes. All of her. And how.

My FVC was up to 78 percent, as compared with 74 percent last time. My weight is up half a pound to 132.2 pounds. My speech rate was 124 words per minute as compared to my best score of 198. My intelligibility was 94 percent as compared to 100.

I gave four vials of blood to some studies. It's easy with the port in.

Please opine:

If you don't want Jesus, that means you really need Jesus
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If you don't want psychiatry, you really need psychiatry.
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My view is that I have the right to make the life choice whether to submit to your religion or to your psychiatry. Some of my readers say it's not just me who suffers for lack of Jesus, it's my whole family, especially the children. The people at the clinic see my life choice to shun psychiatry as a sign of psychological ailments, syndromes I could get over with a little counseling.

From the sociological standpoint, I see religion and psychiatry as two arms of the same beast: Social control. The sexy lady doctor was only partly joking when she said that if I don't get a feeding tube installed in my stomach, she's going to threaten me with psychiatrists.

I think they think that I'm in some deep denial when I say that I've always been chipper and don't feel that I need a mood stabilizer. The sexy lady doctor has a memory that I said I had mood problems, and that's part of why she prescribed the Namenda. This is despite the several conversations I had with her to the opposite.

Who is delusional?

They want me to get a stomach tube, despite my weight remaining stable, because it takes me so long to eat a meal (30 to 45 minutes). Constantly repeating that the whole family is involved in my illness, they want me to submit myself and my kids to counseling.

Some of my readers are therapists. Counseling is great -- for those who want it, just as Jesus is great -- for those who want it.

Neither fits me, and I won't let you impose either on me or my kids, thank you.

Like many people who deal with me, they're baffled by my openness and willingness to listen and understand other points of view. Usually this means that a person is tractable, that they'll play along, and "be nice." But in my case I know what my values and life choices are. I say no when something doesn't suit my value system.

They take this as some combination of control disorder, denial, and paranoia. They begin to try to pry up the edges of my position by asking me why. Then, they can pathologize my answers. Instead, I just say that I don't have to give a reason. This stuns them, but they've agreed (so far).

Thankfully this is still a free country, sort of.

Toward the end of the sexy lady doctor's time with us, she referred to my adorable wife as "your lovely wife." It could have been mere coincidence, or she could have found my blog. But she wasn't arch or ironic about it, so probably not.

Left grip is 22 pounds (20, 22, 22), right grip is 64 pounds (63, 64, 60).
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