Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hooah Brouhaha

There are some Bush supporters and Intelligent Design folks who are worried about those darned illegals and that danged ACLU -- at a blog called "Hooah Wife." But to the credit of the rather fetching and tolerant woman who started the site, Greta, she has invited others to contribute to the blog. I have been lucky enough to have been given that honor. On the site, I frequently spar with people who support warrantless wiretaps. So when I ran across a news story on Sunday about how China spies on its citizens, I was inspired to flavor the article about the Chinese program in American terms, and ask if people would support such a hypothetical program. To my horror, several did. On Monday, I revealed the basis of the hypothetical, and maturely and restrainedly called people Commies. Some feathers were ruffled. God Bless America.

Left grip is 26 pounds (22, 25, 26), right grip is 70 pounds (60, 70, 65). Yesterday, because a provisions error by the home nursing agency, I did not have a ceftriaxone dose. But I resumed today, about four hours before I took these metrics.

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