Friday, April 21, 2006

Libertarian jerk

I defeated the Evil One yesterday at dinner time while my darling wife had the kids at PTA. The Evil One had been massing for three days. After the victory, my throat hurt from all the yelling.

Recently I was playing an unrated game of chess against a guest on ICC. Unrated means that no rating points were at stake. As the game progressed, there was conversation...

brainhell: I voted for Kerry and am playing from California. You?

guest3782: neither

guest3782: I voted Libertarian and am in Maryland

brainhell: ok

brainhell: Among post-WWWII presidents only Nixon had a lower approval rating than Bush

guest3782: so?

brainhell: so

guest3782: who cares?

brainhell: Under the cities lies a heart made of ground but the humans will give no love

guest3782: ehhhh?

brainhell: who cares

guest3782: you got like a disorder?

brainhell: i do

The game was progressing well enough, with no piece advantage to either side, but I was not getting that sense that I was about to win.

brainhell: i am an IV drug user


(I don't think he had time to look at the blog.)

guest3782: ahhhh VERY good

guest3782: a true drain on society

brainhell: yes, the disabled are a drain

guest3782: me I'm TunaSalad playing as a guest and will kick your sorry butt

We were leaving, as a family, to a dinner date. I decided to abandon the game and let him wait out the clock until I forfeited on time. It's a passive-aggressive thing.

I quickly scanned the finger notes for TunaSalad, and he was a much stronger player than me. He would have won. His finger notes said he'd had a dispute with the ICC, and was not renewing his membership. I took a page from a blogger who backs Bush, and compared TunaSalad to a baby:

brainhell: you will not kick my sorry butt

brainhell: "I'm not renewing my membership because of the way I was treated by staff member Drahacik."

brainhell: waaa waa! waaaah!

guest3782: you too hunh?

brainhell: kick my butt now

Then I left the computer and went to dinner with my family.
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