Saturday, April 08, 2006

Notes to son

From time to time when I had something corrective to say to my son, and when he's on a rampage of yelling and misbehavior, I have printed out my message and handed it to him in the form of a note. If I tried to verbally deliver the message, I'd probably get interrupted, and he'd get more upset.

But when I've given him a note he has often calmed down and changed his behavior for the better. I think he may appreciate the respect involved in my giving him a note: It implies thoughtfulness, and it recognizes one of his skills.

What he may not have yet realized that if you read an entire letter or note, you have allowed someone to get their whole point across to you. And whole points are usually better formed than half arguments.

My friend Jansenist is staying at our house for a week. He is great with kids. They love him, just like they love my oldest sister. Like her, he listens, in the sense that he takes seriously what they say, and he's willing to play. I think it's important to keep your 'fresh eyes' open throughout life, and these two people have done it.
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