Tuesday, April 18, 2006


In this note to you, I will apologize and explain. And I hope that after you read this note, you will explain it to your sister.

The explanation is about my laughing. I know that you don't like the kind of laughing that my nerve signal problem produces. You may have noticed that I am laughing more now than I used to. The reason is that I stopped taking pills that help reduce the laughing. I stopped taking the pills because they were also making me constipated. This is called a 'side effect:' when a drug that helps in one way does something else that you don't want it to. I have really had a big problem with constipation, and so I decided to stop taking the pills. This has improved my 'regularity' (how often I poop). It doesn't mean that I will never be constipated. But it does mean that I am less likely to be constipated.

The apology is for doing this without warning you. I know you don't like the laugh. I'm sorry. One reason I am laughing a lot this week is because Jansenist is here. He is fun. If you have any questions about this, you can ask me. Please let your sister know what this note says.


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