Saturday, April 29, 2006

State Secrets

On April 8, in the Hooah Wife blog, I posted regarding an EFF lawsuit against AT&T alleging that the company was assisting the government to massively spy on domestic phone calls. (This would tend to rip down the fig leaf about spying only on Al Qaeda calls with US citizens).

Well now the government intends to quash the civil suit by invoking the rarely-used "State Secrets Privilege."

At the time of my first post, I offered the choices:

(A) Some crank is making up stuff because he’s trying hurt the Great Leader
(B) The government is only spying on al Qaeda members calling in to the US, but needs to have access to all internal domestic traffic just in case those people all agree to join al Qaeda and start calling or emailing their friends and family, to recruit them
(C) The government is spying on HUGE numbers of people
(D) This guy saw a broom closet and thought it was Xenu’s lair.

Now it looks more like (C) than the others.

As Chris and Don (habitués of the Hooah Wife blog) have said, if you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to worry about. The Feds are worried something powerful here.
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