Saturday, May 06, 2006

More about me

I have a cold.

I went to the prosthodontist yesterday and he continued building up the mold. He also filed down the tooth that is the main culprit in my self-mastication.

The sexy lady doctor at the ALS clinic where they expertly watch you die said that she doesn't think my case is chronic Lyme, because of the upper motor neuron involvement (e.g. what showed on the MRI). I say she may be wrong, and I'm willing to do something, unlike the people at the clinic, who are incurious to a fault.

Dr. Quack, though he may be saving my life, has not earned my respect. I wrote him a letter with questions on April 4, and he has not replied. Probably in his mind, since he met with us on April 11, that takes care of it. Except that neither he nor I had the letter, and there were questions not addressed.

The sexy lady doctor said that my wedding ring probably fits now due to fluid accumulation in the left hand, from lack of use.

My FVC scores on April 24 were 78, 78, and 80 percent. So I average those to 79 percent.

The MIP, or suck test, scores were 70, 70, 60. and 70.

The sniff test (nasal inhalation force) was new to me. They said that it more closely correlates to survival than the FVC. They make you do 10. Mine were: 30, 45, 42, 41, 53, 41, 57, 53, 41, 45.

My cough force scores were 380 and 350.

My peak flow rate scores on exhale were 480 and 470.
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