Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mothers Day cards

My son said I should go to the drugstore and buy Mothers Day cards for him and his sister to give to my deserving wife. The three of them were going to an ice cream social. He told me that his should have a Snoopy on it.

I went in the wheelchair, and by chance ran across the mechanic who had tried to fix my wheelchair the other day. I thanked him and got his card. He was working a job.

At the store, I bought two Snoopy-themed cards, so that my daughter wouldn't break into tears: "But I wanted the Snoopy card!"

On the way back, I made a plan for what to do if they both wanted the same card: Coin toss.

Up in their room, predictably, they both wanted the same card. "We're gonna flip a coin," I said. "The bird is for her and the person is for you."

I tossed it and it came up tails (bird).

"So she gets the card," I said. Instantly he broke into tears: "But I thought..."

Sigh. I guess he's never done a coin toss before.
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