Saturday, May 13, 2006

Premium Blogger

Many of you have noticed that (Blogger) has been increasingly less reliable. It is often unavailable, so you can't post or read other blogs. So. Here's what I think we can expect:

Try new Premium Blogger -- It's FREE!!!

Premium Blogger is free to sign up for and means that your blog will be hosted on new Premium Servers ... to ensure that your audience can enjoy it 24/7!

To help Blogger pay for the new Premium Servers, a small ad will appear in a corner of your blog. You can block any ad you don't like!

And if you choose not to sign up for Free Premium Blogger, you'll still get the same reliable blog hosting as before.

Standard Blogger will rapidly become a Bantustan. Your option to "block" an ad will require you to submit to a new one.

Left grip is 22 pounds (22, 18, 18), right grip is 58 pounds (58, 56, 55).
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