Wednesday, May 31, 2006


In Kindergarten my vision was tested at 40/20, twice as good as normal. I thought there was something wrong with me, that I was sub-par. But my parents tried to reassure me.

By about 1998 it has worsened to 20/20, normal.

Now I often notice that the words in books are blurry. I think this has happened in the last few months, since I started daily ceftriaxone infusions. There may have been some blurry vision before starting the drug, but that was probably due to extreme fatigue.

I'm not sure whether blurry vision is a feature of ALS, or Lyme, or ceftriaxone.

The frustrating thing is how quickly most people, including doctors, will say that this is just a normal consequence of aging. My subjective impression that this is not normal will be dismissed a pride or denial.

I also note that the inner surfaces of the fingers on my left hand looked bleached, or ischemic, though obviously they're neither. It's mostly on the index finger. I have noticed the same symptom once or twice on the right hand, but only mildly. Antibiotic?
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