Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The wrong trousers

I grabbed a pair of pants out of my drawer and started to put them on. But the zipper seemed backward. Assuming that I had somehow gotten them inside-out (though this is topologically unlikely), I felt for the pockets and belt loops. They were proper. The button was on the wrong side. Am I wearing women's pants? I wondered. But then, shouldn't the ass be huge? My stunning wife is almost all tall as I am, only about half an inch shorter, so the pants could have been hers. I beckoned her. She confirmed that I was wearing her pants. I'm very skinny, but the fit of the pants was good. I'm not saying that skinny is good, so all you plush people can exhale. Oh, how I hate that offensive crap about how "real women" have curves (Translation: "Only we fat women are real. Thin women are not real, or women. It's OK to hate them"). My athletic wife is fit and thin and curvy, you misogynist witch, so tell me how that makes her not a "real" person.
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