Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chess against Republicans

I had another satisfying game against a Bush supporter. He was tagged 'soreloser1000,' which is an admirable name, but in reality he was just sore.

brainhell: I voted for Kerry and am playing from California. You?

soreloser1000 says: I voted for Bush because I am a good American, and am from the more genteel side of the U.S., thank you.

brainhell: Among post-WWWII presidents only Nixon had a lower approval rating than Bush

soreloser1000 says: And what is the relevance of that trivia?

soreloser1000 says: Hitler had a big following, doesn't mean he was right

brainhell: Even an 11-year-old is entitled to have an opinion

soreloser1000 says: Right, that's why I'm being so easy on you.

brainhell: Come and get your love.

soreloser1000 says: And where do you get your love, Mr. Liberal tree hugger?

That's when I mated him.

brainhell: from you -- bend over again

I challenged him to a rematch, but the system told me:

Your previous opponent has left. soreloser1000 is not logged in.
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