Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Days since diagnosis

So I wanted to get one of those counter thingies that count how many days it's been since the Norman Conquest, or until Bush is supposed to leave office (Hah! Like that'll ever happen!)

I wanted it to display the number of days since my diagnosis. The reason for this is that my metrics charts have DSD as the x-axis. It's annoying to me to recalculate the DSD every time I skip a few days. And despite that I have several times tried, I don't see a way, using the date functions in my spreadsheet, to make it automatically calculate.

So I searched on the web and found the days-elapsed counter you now see in the right sidebar. It was javascript. I ripped out all the comments and stupid verbiage attacking John Kerry, changed the date, and voila!

...It turned out that my spreadsheet DSD was about 20 days short. I must have skipped those days by just using the cell-above-plus-one approach in the spreadsheet when skipping actual days of testing. I didn't fix the spreadsheet data. I figure 20 days out of 880+ doesn't distort the chart much.
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