Friday, June 16, 2006


She was our doula for the birth of both of our children. She gave my glorious wife and I such a sense of calm and confidence. It is hard to describe. But the woman emitted strength. She made us feel safe, in what can be a very frightening place, the hospital.

Vigorous and happy, she was teaching one of her childbirth classes on Friday, weeping a little when a friend explained to her about the support group that is forming for us. She really wanted to help, and left a voicemail apologizing for a schedule conflict the night of the meeting. How I long to hear that voice now. But fortunately her daughter sounds exactly like her. She had a stroke Sunday and is brain dead. Her family is going to donate her organs.

We're going to her memorial no matter what. There will be hundreds of people there saying what I am telling you now. She was strong. She was loved by so many people.

I hope someone will also say: She was lucky, to go out so suddenly, in her prime. I give the Klingon salute, and say "K'plagh!" to recognize a life well-lived. Let us be happy for her.
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