Sunday, June 11, 2006


I recently posted about Global Warming at the pro-Bush blog I contribute to. Here's an example of some of the commentary. I make the replies to Don in the text below:

> They recently discovered evidence of a tropical climate once existed around the South Pole. That sounds like a pretty big change, much more than we are seeing now.

Your confused misapplication of this fact lies in failing to account for plate tectonics, often called continental drift. Here's an animation.

The Antarctic has moved from warmer areas to where it is now. But in the last 600,000 years, there's been no warming trend remotely like the current one.

> We will see in 2040 when the Global Warming “scientists” have been totally discredited, and “scientists” began warning about Global Cooling.

Do you have children or grandchildren, Don?

> There are political claims on both sides.

On what side is the science, though?

>>>In the particular case of Global Warming, people that want to pull the US down…

>>Name one.


Circular reasoning, Don. You think Global Warming adherents want to pull the US down, so when I ask you to back that up by naming one, you name me, because as a Global Warming adherent, you reason that I must want to pull the US down. Circular reasoning.

> >This is an illusory choice. We don’t have to choose between the economy and the environment.

>Really? What changes do you suggest. Koyto???

Kyoto seems like a good framework to halt Global Warming. What specific provisions of Kyoto do you object to? Specifics please, not hyperbolic generalizations based on straw-man arguments and imputed statements.

>>Name the two countries that have not signed on to Kyoto.

>China and India

No, China and India have signed and ratified Kyoto. The two countries which refuse to participate are the United States and Australia. Here's a map.

> They definitely will.

You're saying that your brave leader George Bush, or his brave Republican successor, would be unable to bring any pressure to modify their behavior? 'Definitely' is an absolute word.

> There is a lot more wrecking this world than a little bit of CO2

Please quantify 'a little.' Your point is well taken, though, as the ignorance and politically-based denial we see here demonstrates.

By the way, Don, China is going to see among the most severe coastal flooding, as will Bangladesh, right next to India. Potentially 100 MILLION refugees will be created. I think this might help motivate China and India to adhere to Kyoto.

Don, care to comment on your errors of fact in this thread, or do you prefer to ignore it and just move on?

>I am not going to get into an echange where you yell that your fantasies are facts. In fact I think this thread has gone on too long as it is.

OK, so you refuse to acknowledge your errors. But please tell me … is plate tectonics a ‘fantasy’ in your book? Like Darwinian evolution?

Or is my statement that the US and Australia have declined to prticipate in Kyoto the fantasy, and you’re sticking with your claim that it’s China and India?
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