Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pill report

I have a new technique for swallowing pills that seems to be helping. It makes use of what had been an obstacle. Some of the pills I take are powders in capsules, so they have small amounts of air in them and will float, even in my mouth. So the new trick is to take the pill with liquid, as usual, but turn my face down, so that the pill floats up toward the back of my throat, in a better position for swallowing.

I have been pleased to learn that the rifampin I started recently does not have a bitter taste when allowed to dissolve in liquid. The minocycline is too bitter and has to be swallowed before the capsule dissolves. The quinine tablets I switched to after the capsules got too big (and proved too bitter to dissolve), turn out to be not too bitter to dissolve in the mouth. In more good news, the magnesium malate I started taking yesterday can be dissolved in water without making an awful taste. I also do this to the creatine and the DHEA.

The ox bile pills that should help fight off gall stones from ceftriaxone use turned out to be too big to swallow, and way too disgustingly bitter when dissolved. I am supposed to go get an ultrasound to see if they can detect gall stones forming.
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