Thursday, June 15, 2006


Taking pills is easier thanks to my new technique, but -- I think -- also because I've discovered a new superpower in my tongue. It seems like this is a recent development. Or maybe I've only just noticed it. But the right side of my tongue, towards the back, seems a bit more capable then I would have expected. If I swish the pill over to that side, I feel more confident that a successful swallow will occur. I am accustomed to expect titanic pill swallowing battles from five to 10 minutes per capsule. But with my new technique and my tongue's new superpower, it's often one minute or less.

An example from a few days ago: I took three pills, sequentially. After inserting the pill and some smoothie, and bending so that my face was parallel to the floor, I tried to swallow. The first pill went down on the second try, so, within 15 seconds. The next two pills went down on the first try, within three seconds! I was astounded.

Meanwhile my right biceps is not performing well. It's weak. But I have this sense that my speech may have become ever so slightly better, or at least not gotten worse. I was becoming a complete mush mouth and I expected that to continue to progress.

So here's the wishful thinking: I lost limb strength early and tongue coordination much later, so the antibiotics are going to roll back the disease by starting with the tongue. The self-deception (or accurate perception?) would be that limb strength may continue to decline during the recovery, because you can't turn a battleship in a bathtub, but tongue coordination will lead the way out.
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