Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I used to brush my teeth within minutes of eating. These days, however, my process of eating, then drinking smoothies, then taking pills and drinking Citrucel (the morning example), and the length of time it takes me to eat, often means that I brush teeth hours after eating, if I remember at all. Dark stuff stays in there for a long time. I noticed this week that thing have gotten yellow and even light orange up by the gums. Fortunately my most recent checkup had revealed no new cavities. I wonder what will be found at the next one. I tried using the flossy thing my dear wife bought me, that allows you to floss with one hand, but it doesn't work. I have begun frequent Listerine use. One more thing to add to my self-maintenance chores.

Your suggestion that I should now get the feeding tube is duly ignored.

I am so relieved! For the past 12 days I have 'made' every morning after waking up. But this morning, no. However, at 11 AM, we had launch. So glad! I think the probiotics, which I skipped yesterday, and perhaps the day before, matter a lot.

Left grip is 23 pounds (20, 23, 20), right grip is 52 pounds (52, 51, 52).

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